COMMENTARY: March Madness and hypocrisy issue.

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Observations and random thoughts. Vol. 18.1



It’s been a busy few weeks. On the homefront, the battle of wits between the Executive and Legislative branches of tribal government continues to dominate the headlines of the local papers. The giant and the swordsman have been bested, and now it’s time for the drinking of the wine. Not sure what I mean? Check out “A Princess Bride” for the answer. On the national stage, the Trump Administration is said to be running like a fine-tuned machine, of course it was Trump that said it so that’s definitely an alternative fact. What else was he gonna do? Tell the truth? Ha!

March Madness has nearly run its course, it was time for the ACC to dominate this year with eight or nine teams in the field of 64 and now, in the Final Four, only Carolina still stands. The thing will be over when this appears, but I’m sure that UNC will make up for that final shot loss last year in the final game. The NBA season is still churning on almost endlessly, but the end is in sight.

Our young kids played their hearts out in the league basketball regular season and tournaments and had darn good seasons. They all deserve a pat on the back, and a decent milkshake. Not from Mickey Dee’s though, that stuff’s liquid chemicals and might possibly be toxic. Back to the pats on the back. I’m curious, when did the whole thing with teammates patting each other on the butt begin? Back in my day nobody patted a teammate on the butt. At least nobody patted me on the butt, there’d be issues if that ever happened.

The ACC really stunk up the tournament this year. Louisville, Notre Dame, Florida State, etc. all choked and went home to watch the rest of March Madness on TV. And…the sports pundits picked the boys from Duke to challenge for the title but they apparently tripped and went home after the second round.

The finely tuned machine that is the Trump Administration reportedly made efforts to persuade the FBI to publicly disavow the reports that Trumps’ team made contact with the Russians. The FBI said no. So far his NSA officer has been taken out, his son is involved, his son-in-law may be involved, his AG is involved and more to follow. Trump’s been publicly whining about the leaks to the press even though in the campaign he thought leaks were great. He also cries about the unfairness of unnamed sources even though he…yeah, you get the picture.

Apparently the 70 year old Trump had a paranoid nightmare about Obama and wiretapping, woke up and immediately fired off a series of tweets based upon the nightmare. We need to start a “How long is Trump gonna last” pool to guess when he’s either impeached, forced to resign or has a stroke.

I have come to realize with this POTUS that life imitates art. I refer to the film “Men In Black”. Agent K obtains his news and current events from the supermarket tabloids and Trump it seems, does the same.

Some of Trump’s cabinet picks and advisers stand out…mostly in the rain. There’s Jeff Sessions from Alabama, Rex Tillerson from Texas, Rick Perry from Texas, Linda McMahon from the WWE, Kellyanne Conway from Mars and Ben Carson, the only Black in Trump’s cabinet.

Everyone have a good week.