LETTER: Reader appreciates sports column on racism

by Mar 2, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


Once again, I just want to let you know that I appreciate your comments on racism (https://www.theonefeather.com/2017/03/on-the-sidelines-racism-has-no-place-on-the-court/, published online on Wednesday, March 1).  I think it sends a strong message not only to athletes but to the public in general to simply “rise above it, concentrate on what you’re doing, calm down and stay focused…to not worry about racist chants or poor attitudes and behaviors…”

Albeit,  not always easy to do, we can all be survivors if we choose, and we can all rise above and be stronger as a result of making better choices to react in a positive way.  In turn, we survive and we gain strength in being successful.  I strongly agree with your statements and your wrap-up sums it up….”No amount of chanting, racist actions, racist thoughts, or poor attitudes and behaviors can change that.”

Having overcome my own challenges as a young Cherokee girl growing up in a small community with exposure to different cultures in the southern states.  I returned home from traveling with my family from one job location to another due to my father’s occupation. I have had experiences growing up as a young Cherokee girl and even as I settled back to my home in the Snowbird Community into adulthood.   I am continuing my journey as a survivor in the best way that I know how.


Mary Brown

EBCI tribal elder

Snowbird Community