LETTER: Statement from poster of YouTube video

by Feb 20, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


Siyo nigada.  Last week, I posted a political satire video on my YouTube and Facebook page of our Chief Patrick Lambert.  I had no malicious intent when I recorded my voice over the video.  I was using satire, humor, and wit to be thought-provoking.

This video received about 6,000 views in just one week.  I have no political agenda or affiliation with anyone at the government level.  The result of my video has exposed bullying in our tribal government.  I feel like a change is coming and is much needed for our Tribe.

I am a very strong believer in free speech, and I want you all to recognize that we all have this right.  The threatening comments I received are unacceptable.  A government that suppresses their people’s right to free speech is a government that will not stand.  I am hoping this inspires other tribal members to express their opinions in a non-violent, thought-provoking manner without the fear of being retaliated against.

These are the sentiments of hundreds of people who have reached out to me.  Do not let this distract you from the real political issues going on in our Tribe and government.


Matt Bryant, Paint Clan