LETTER: Tribal elder upset with video

by Feb 13, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


In the recent days, I have been told and finally have seen the You Tube video that some young man produced demeaning Chief Patrick Lambert’s visits at the New Kituwah Academy and Tsali Manor. It is upsetting to see the lack of respect for our children and dishonoring our elder population. This young man did not have my permission to use my photo or video.

One of our Cherokee traditions and unwritten law was to honor and respect and do no harm to our elders and children. It is saddening that this young man had to disrespect and show a lack of integrity to our Cherokee people. It is saddening that he thinks that it is ok.

Has this young man been raised to blatantly disregard the integrity of our Cherokee children and elders? Is he setting the example for his own children?

Chief Patrick Lambert was here to support the senior population of the Qualla Boundary and holding the meaning of taking care of our elders as Cherokee people.  That is what we are to do as a community. Thank you, Chief Lambert, for the support of our senior population. And, thank you New Kituwah Academy for uplifting the educational values of our children.


Judith Smith

EBCI tribal elder