LETTER: Reader raises concerns about driving safety, pedestrian safety, and more

by Feb 10, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


No one wants to take any credit away from Patrick (Lambert), but it looks like he is trying to get this Tribe on the right track.  Robert Youngdeer and his administration tried, but there were too many and they just handed the ball over.

We live in Cherokee and don’t drive at night unless we absolutely have to…number one, because the street lights need to be put up between Casino Drive and down the street towards Hungry Bear.  And, most of the roads need to be marked to see if you are driving where you are supposed to.  It is very dangerous on a rainy night!

Also, the Police need to put a stop to the reckless drivers.  They are so rude.  It is pitiful! We also need a walkway running in front of the Luther Murphy house place.  There is not enough room for people to walk safely.  I have not been too well lately and have concerns about our safety of all.

Another concern I have is all the old buildings.  They are a danger to people (collecting vermin, spiders, rats, mice, roaches, snakes etc.).

Also, I’m sorry that the good ones have been hurt to get to the bad ones.  It’s been a long time coming.

P.S. Patrick was supposed to be in charge last Thursday.  That is the answer.


Annette Fish