Upcoming Pow Wows for Aug. 4-7

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Note: This list of pow wows was compiled by One Feather staff.  The One Feather does not endorse any of these dances. It is simply a listing of ones occurring throughout the continent.  Please call before traveling.


31st Annual Oglala Lakota Nation Fair.  Aug. 4-7 in Pine Ridge, SD.  Emcees: Jerry Dearly, Chris Eagle Hawk.  Info: Melanie Black Bull (605) 867-8416, Cis Big Crow (605) 867-8427


25th Annual Muskoday First Nation Traditional Pow Wow.  Aug. 5-7 at Muskoday First Nation in Muskoday, Saskatchewan, Canada.  MC: Howard Walker.  Host Drums: Iron Swing, Battle Hill, Dakota Jrs., Menapeyuk.  Info: Edith Dreaver (306) 763-3359, Herman Crain (306) 764-1282, Margaret Bear (306) 763-2753


27th Annual Oklahoma Indian Nation Pow Wow.  Aug. 5-7 in Concho, Okla.  Emcees: Manny King, Burl Buffalomeat.  Info: (405) 422-7585, (405) 201-7255


Healing Mother Earth 8th Annual Traditional Pow Wow.  Aug. 5-7 at Fischer’s Pine Lake in Jefferson, Ohio.  Host Drum: Rapid River.  Info: Sandi Red Wolf (440) 344-9845, (440) 319-4483, redwolf_0801@aol.com


Menominee Nation 50th Annual Contest Pow Wow.  Aug. 5-7 at Woodland Bowl in Keshena, Wisc.  Emcees: Joey Awonohopay, Joey Besaw.  Host Drum: Smokeytown.  Info: Briana Ninham (715) 799-5114, bninham@mitw.org


Onigum 19th Annual Traditional Pow Wow.  Aug. 5-7 at Pow Wow Grounds in Onigum, Minn.  Info: Theresa Jordan (218) 536-0213


Pezihutazizi Oyate Traditional Wacipi.  Aug. 5-7 at Upper Sioux Community in Granite Falls, Minn.  Info: (320) 564-3853


52nd Annual Rocky Boy Celebration.  Aug. 5-7 at Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in Rocky Boy, Mont.  Emcees: Rueben Little Head, Howie Thompson, Eric Tootoosis, Merle Tendoy.  Host Drums: The Boyz, Thunder Hill, Bull Horn.  Info: Dustin Whiteford (406) 395-5705, Tanya Schmokel (406) 395-4478


Bear Mountain Pow Wow.  Aug. 6-7 at Anthony Wayne Recreation Area in Bear Mountain, New York.  Info: (718) 686-9297, native@redhawkcouncil.org


Benefit Pow Wow for Brayden Wahnee.  Aug. 6 at Watchetaker Hall at the Comanche Nation Complex in Lawton, Okla.  Emcees: Wallace Coffey, John Wahnee.  Head War Dance Singer: Robert Tahauno.  Info: Donna Wahnee (580) 512-0944, donna_wahnee@yahoo.com


Prophetstown 10th Annual Pow Wow.  Aug. 6-7 at Prophetstown State Recreation Area in Prophetstown, Illinois.  Info: (815) 441-0148, riverrat2@yahoo.com


Sierra Mono Museum Indian Fair Days & 45th Annual Celebration Pow Wow.  Aug. 6-7 at Minarets High School in O’Neals, Calif.  MC: Frankie Williams.  Host Drums: Black Bear Crossing, Red Buffalo.  Info: (559) 877-2115, staffmonomuseum@gmail.com


4th Annual AuGlaize Village Pow Wow & Gourd Dance.  Aug. 6-7 at AuGlaize Village & Farm Museum in Defiance, Ohio.  MC: Jay Blaylock.  Head Singer: Mel Hoefling.  Info: Deb (567) 344-0644 or (419) 587-4249


Annual Summer Woodland Pow Wow.  Aug. 6-7 at Zane Shawnee Caverns in Bellefontaine, Ohio.  Info: (937) 592-9592, sonnesmakwa1@gmail.com