Reader responds to Ledford’s commentary

by Dec 9, 2015OPINIONS0 comments


(Note: This letter is in response to a commentary by William Ledford entitled “Observations and random thoughts” that was printed in the Dec. 3 issue.) 

William Ledford is well located in New Mexico since that is close to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and others that have helped Obama push this country to the brink of a third world country. He also has plenty of sand to stick his liberal head under. I didn’t see anything about the Democratic runners which there is much to speak of there for sure.

Are we ready for another four years of Obama type thinking, or rather not thinking?  That would be Clinton or Sanders, both are dangerous people. I’m not a fan of Trump, but I like Carson, maybe as a vice president but not resident. I believe Cruz and Rubio both have great ideas and would do an excellent job in the office as president.

I do, however, agree there should be term limits for all elected officials – no more than three terms for the House and Senate Members. If they have made no improvements in that time, they should not be there to begin with.

We, the people, should have the right to impeach a president if his approval is less than 60 percent positive.  It should not take an act of Congress for this to apply. This should be applicable beginning after the first two years of office. We need new blood in these offices, but not such as a community organizer.  One bidding for office must have the ability to work with all people of America and know the correct ways of other countries when visiting, or being visited. The Obamas do not have this ability to understand, nor do they seem to care how idiotic they appear to other leaders of countries across the water.

Yes, it is time for major changes to our system.  First would be to rid the offices of the people that are supposed to be our voice but fail to hear us.



Jimmy Yarborough