LETTER: Thank you Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship

by Sep 15, 2015OPINIONS0 comments


I would like to publicly thank the Yogi Crowe Board Members for their financial support and encouragement in the pursuit of my master’s degree.  This Fall Semester, I am nearing the completion of my master’s degree in anthropology at the University of Tennessee.   I have received the Yogi Crowe Scholarship each semester that I have attended.

This financial assistance enables me to focus on school and relieves the burden of school-related expenses.  This scholarship does not have the limitations of what you can spend the money for that other scholarships have and that’s what I appreciate about it.  The funds can be used in a variety of ways, such as day care expenses, gas money or an additional book that is recommended but not required to purchase.

I would like to encourage any tribal member who is thinking about attending graduate school to keep this scholarship in mind.  I am thankful for the support the Yogi Crowe Scholarship Board offers, financially and motivationally.


Beau Carroll