Budget Council Agenda for Tuesday, Aug. 4

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  1. Call to order – Chairwoman Terri Henry
  2. Prayer –
  • Roll Call
  1. Orders of the Day
  2. Reports & Announcements
  3. Requests for Time


9:30 a.m.    Request for Time – Christine Puhl – Introduction for US Probation


9:40 a.m.  Request for Time – Earl Evans – Native Ways Federation financial support


  • Agenda Items


9:50 a.m.        Budget Amendments:

Senior Citizens FY 2015 (Item No.1)

Cooperative Extension FY 2015 (Item No. 2)

General Fund FY 2015 (Item No. 3)

Indirect FY 2015 (Item No. 4)

Health Delivery – Administration FY 2015 (Item No. 5)

Social Services FY 2015 (Item No. 6)

Housing Program FY 2015 (Item No. 7)

Office of Environment & Natural Resources FY 2015 (Item No. 8)

Benefits & Compensation FY 2015 (Item No. 9)

In-House Legal FY 2015 (Item No. 10)

Waste Water Program (Item No. 11)


10:50 a.m.      Donation Request (Item No. 12):

Cherokee Softball Team – $500


11:00 a.m.      Authorization for the Office of Environment and Natural Resources (OENR) to apply for and accept funds from the United States Forest Service (USFS) to receive funds up to $25,000, for FY 15 (Item No. 13)


11:10 a.m.      Authorization for the EBCI Cooperative Extension, Qualla Financial Freedom, to apply for and accept funds from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation (CPF) to receive funds up to $9,000 for FY 15 (Item No. 14)


11:20 a.m.      Approval for $884,000 from the FY 2016 Endowment No. 2 line item to be used for the purpose of constructing a Pedestrian Bridge at the Old High School (Item No. 15)


11:30 a.m.      Samuel Frell Reed requests compensation in the amount of $20,000 for sewer line being put in his yard without proper paperwork (Item No. 16)


11:40 a.m.      Authorization for the Office of the Treasurer to secure financing through a liquidity access line of credit through Morgan Stanley and Morgan Stanley Bank N.A. not to exceed 65% of the total value of the Budget Stabilization Fund (Item No. 17)


11:50 a.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 577 – Amendments to Cherokee Code Section 16-C Revenue Allocation Plan (Item No. 18)


12:00 p.m.     Lunch


1:00 p.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 592 – Authorization to develop the entertainment complex featuring a bowling lanes component to be constructed at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Resort and that Tribal Council authorizes the funding for said project to be provided to TCGE from the fund balance of Endowment No. 2 in the amount of $15,000,000 (Item No. 19)


1:10 p.m.        Tabled Ordinance No. 618 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 7 Powers and Duties of the Judicial Branch (Detention Fees) (Item No. 20)


1:20 p.m.        Request for Time – Tribal Investment Committee





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