LETTER: Thank you from the family of Tim Hill

by Jun 25, 2015OPINIONS0 comments


We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone for the support, kind words, prayers, hugs, food, sent flowers, and donations we received during our loss. There were so many people that contributed to our family during this difficult time and we are very grateful.
We want to thank Straight Fork Baptist church, Charles Ball, Bo Parris, Crisp Funeral home, Cherokee Boys Club, and to all the singers that came and sang for the wake and funeral.

Thank you to all the people that brought food for the family, church, and the free labor group.  We can’t thank y’all enough, and it was very much appreciated. Thanks to all of our friends and family.  We are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

Thanks to the following that helped us in a special way: Kolanvyi stickball team (men, women, and kids), Tribal Fish Hatchery, John Cooper, Perry Shell and the Big Cove Free Labor group, Bunny Clapsaddle, Lavita “Muffin” Hill, Natalie Grant, Jay Hill, Mariah Mahan, Donna Teesateskie, Michelle and Waylon Long, Kerri Wolfe, John Teesateskie, Terry Holt, Dave Jumper and John Wolfe from Sanitation, Tribal construction, Consie Girty, Diane Driver, and we are very thankful to EBCI’s Family Services for the huge help we received from them.

Also, thank you to Sharon Panther and family, Bird family, Donna Welch, and many, many more.  Our apologies if we missed anyone, it was not intentional. We are so fortunate to have you all and overwhelmed by all the generosity.

Sgi from the family of Tim Hill