LETTER: Thank you to basketball camp volunteers

by Jun 19, 2015OPINIONS0 comments


We would like to say a great big thank you to all the kids who participated in the 1st Annual Tahnee Arkansas Memorial Basketball Camp!  We would also like say a special thank you to the following:  Chelsea Saunooke, Sean Ross, Emra Arkansas, Coach Mintz, Deb Foerst and Cherokee High School, Trista Welch and CBC Printing, Alicia Maney for printing the shirts, and the anonymous donor for the shirts.

Thank you also to Chunky Jumper, Liz Wahnetah, Laura Blythe, Kelsey Jackson, Keyonna Hornbuckle, the wonderful CHS varsity girls basketball players, Cherokee Bottled Water, Missy Ledford, Tosh Welch, Perry Arkansas, Zae Millsaps, Stacy Knighton, and Bryan Wesley.  And, thank you to those who made monetary donations at the camp to Tahnee’s Fund.

Thank you all for making this camp a success!



Michelle Bradley