Thank you from family of “Dump” French

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The family of Elliot “Dump” French would like to express our appreciation to the many special people show who were there for us during his illness and passing: the EMS; nurses and kitchen staff at Cherokee Hospital; those who provided food , drinks and water while he was in Hospice; the singers from different churches and other groups who brought comfort, kind words and prayers; the Big Cove Free Labor Group and a special thanks to the Big Cove ladies who provided food for the services at the Big Cove Rec Center, and for the family after the services. The service conducted by the American Legion Post 143 was very much appreciated. Albert Welch and his singers sang very beautiful songs at the funeral and we are especially grateful to Bo Parris and Charles Ball for conducting the service. It is difficult to remember everyone who helped us and if we have left anyone out, it was not intentional. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

Gloria Panther French and Dump’s Family