Upcoming Pow Wows for June 5-7

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Note: This list of pow wows was compiled by One Feather staff.  The One Feather does not endorse any of these dances. It is simply a listing of ones occurring throughout the continent.  Please call before traveling.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Pow Wow.  June 5-7 at Prairie Peoples Park in Mayetta, Kan.  Emcees:  Ruben Littlehead, Isaiah Stewart.  Host Drums:  Black Bear, Midnite Express.  Info:  Prairie Band Potawatomi (888) 727-4946 ext. 7701, www.pbpindiantribe.com


Red Earth Festival.  June 5-7 at Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Okla.  Emcees:  Mark Wilson, R.G. Harris.  Host Drums:  Wind Eagle, Otter Trail.  Invited Drums:  Lightning Boy, O-Ho-Mah Lodge.  Info: Randy Frazier (405) 427-5228, rfrazier@cox.net or Graham Primeaux, graham.primeaux@yahoo.com, www.redearth.org


Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas 47th Annual Pow Wow.  June 5-6 at Indian Reservation Ballpark in Livingston, Texas.  MC: Al Santos.  Host Northern:  Rock Hill.  Host Southern:  Sizzortail.  Info:  Herbert Johnson (936) 442-8706 or Tobane Alec (936) 563-1116, www.alabama-coushatta.com


Annual Veterans Pow Wow.  June 5-7 at Donald Hatch Gym in Tulalip, Wash.  MC: Andy James.  Host Drum: War Club.  Info:  Harold Joseph III (425) 320-9526 or Lana Craig (425) 870-6103


62nd Annual American Indian Center Chicago Pow Wow.  June 6-7 at Busse Woods Forest Preserve in Elk Grove Village, Ill.  Info: American Indian Center (773) 275-5871, www.aic-chicago.org


Painted Hand Casino 15th Annual Pow Wow.  June 6-7 at Farrell Agencies Arena in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Emcees:  Howie Thomson, Tommy Christian.  Info: Painted Hand Casino (306) 786-6777, paintedhand@sigo.sk.ca


Cheyenne & Arapaho Labor Day Coronation Dance.  June 6 at Clinton Community Hall in Clinton, Okla.  MC: Alan Yeahquo.  Head Southern Singer:  Ross Bointy.  No contact info given.