Man bitten by Copperhead during Day of Caring

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The EBCI Public Safety Communication Center received a call at 11:51am on Thursday, May 14. A female reported a male had been bitten by a Copperhead. He was being transported by personal vehicle, a black truck.

A male participant with the Cherokee Day of Caring group was bitten by a snake at a residence on Blue Wing Road. He was assisting others in moving a freezer when a snake bit him on his right hand. There was no information available on the size of the snake; however, a picture was taken and sent to the hospital to identify the type.

The victim was transported to the hospital via personal vehicle. Upon arrival, staff confirmed the snake to be a Copperhead from the picture. The victim was transported to Memorial Mission via Tribal EMS.

The Day of Caring event is an annual event that seeks volunteers to do yardwork, painting, and any other labor. The group seeks out homes/owners that might need assistance in completing tasks they can’t get done or just simply need a little help with at their home.

– EBCI Public Safety