Junaluska Leadership Council held

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The Junaluska Leadership Council’s Spring Council Session was held at the Tribal Council House on Friday, April 22.  Lou Montelongo, Cherokee High School, was sworn in as the 2015-16 JLC attorney general by 2014-15 attorney general Storm Ledford, Swain County High.  Montelongo then swore in the 2015-16 JLC officers including:  Blake Wachacha, recorder; Steven Straughan, English clerk; and Taylor Nelson, vice-chairman.

Following are results of the Spring Council session:

Resolution No. 001-15 Construct sidewalk on White Water Drive (Item No. 1) PASSED

Resolution No. 002-15 Require parents to attend special parenting classes before enrolling a newborn (Item No. 2) WITHDRAWN

Resolution No. 003-15 Tribe approach the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and request that an entire chapter be added to the North Carolina History Book telling about Cherokee history and heritage (Item No. 3) KILLED Chairman made the move, had to be brought back to the floor. PASSED

Resolution No. 007-15 Tribe donate $1,000.00 to all community Free Labor Groups (Item No. 7) KILLED

Resolution No. 004 Develop an Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians license plate (Item No. 4) WITHDRAWN

Resolution No. 005 Junaluska Leadership Council past resolutions be researched to determine follow through (Item No. 5) WITHDRAWN

Resolution No. 006-15 Tribe plan and develop curbside recycling at each household on the Qualla Boundary (Item No. 6) WITHDRAWN

Resolution No. 008-15 Include 3 positions within the Cherokee Police Department that pay a salary during Basic Law Enforcement Training (Item No. 8) PASSED

Resolution No. 009-15 Tribe donate $500.00 to each of the four Junaluska Leadership Council high schools to complete service projects (Item No. 9) KILLED

Resolution No. 010-15 Tribe designate committee to oversee maintenance, repairs, and improvements to the Oconaluftee Island Park (Item No. 10) PASSED

– Junaluska Leadership Council