Thank you support during illness, surgery

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I want to express my appreciation to the support of the community during my illness and surgery.  I want to thank the Acquoni Baptist Church, the Cancer Support, family and friends for being there for my family and me.  I want to thank those who made monetary donations for travel to Winston-Salem and for all the cooked meals that were donated to the family.

I want to thank all of the churches who prayed and supported our family as I was going through the radiation and chemo and when I was going through surgery.  I also want to give a special thank you to all the on-call babysitters who kept the babies during the time of the doctor visits and surgery and to Pastor Ed Kilgore and Wilbur Paul who were with my family during surgery.

I had my surgery on Dec. 18, 2014, and so far everything is healing and I am cancer free.  Please continue to remember me in your prayers.  I still have to have continued regular doctor visits, but by God’s Grace they are all releasing me one by one.


With my sincere appreciation,

Morgan Bradley (Loretta, Tee Jae, Richard, Stu, Dee Dee and Shayna)