Thank you letter from Ray Kinsland

by Feb 16, 2015OPINIONS0 comments



I wish to thank everyone who participated last Tuesday night at the half-time of the Lady Braves game in the Charles George Memorial Arena to recognize my 57 years of service.

Thanks to Cherokee High School past and present School Board, school administration, faculty, and staff, and to Cherokee Boys Club administration, staff, and members.

Thanks to past and present students and your families.

Thanks to the past and present Braves Booster Clubs.

Thanks to past and present Tribal officials and Tribal Council members.

Thanks to everyone who came by Tuesday night, everyone who left notes, and many who have called or sent messages.

Thanks to my beloved wife Jerri, our children, and grandchildren.

Most importantly, I want to thank and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I love every one of you, and I am both humbled and thankful for you allowing my family and me to live and serve with this beloved people in this sacred homeland.

We have been blessed to know and love four, five, and even six generations.  If it be the Lord’s will, we will serve as long as you need us.

One of my favorite Gospel songs is “I’m Looking Forward to Spending Eternity with You.”  My prayers are that each of us would put our past, our present, and our future into the hands of Jesus and let Him put it under His blood.  He paid it all.  Our prayers are that no one refuse the greatest gift of all!



Ray Kinsland