LETTER: Thank you to emergency responders

by Nov 19, 2014OPINIONS0 comments


On the evening Friday, Nov. 7, my father, Randy Lossiah, called the ambulance for me where I was having complications from gallbladder surgery the previous day. I thank the Lord my dad came by to check on me and for Delbert Ross’ quick response before the ambulance got to my house.

I want to thank my dad and Ross (first responder), and I am sorry, but I do not know the names of the Tribal EMS workers and emergency room nurses and doctor, but I would like to say “Sgi -thank you” for your fast response and the great care that you took of me while transporting me to Cherokee ER, then again to Haywood ER.

You all are awesome beyond words.  Keep up the excellent work!

Dad, thank you and I love you.  If you had not stopped and checked in on me, I might have died due to a bile leak.  Thank you for calling 911 when you did! Thank you to my parents “Ike” Sequoyah and Randy Lossiah for keeping my three monkeys (Ayden, Nyree and Jayanna) while I was in the hospital and having my house clean when I got to come home I love you!


Jaime Lossiah

Big Cove Community