LETTER: Reader agrees with importance of voting

by Nov 10, 2014OPINIONS0 comments



Thank you Mr. Jumper for the article on the importance of voting. This is one of the most important rights that we have as Americans whether we are Cherokees, other tribes, etc. This hopefully keeps the politicians forewarned and aware of the power of the vote.

We, as Cherokees, must, must exercise our right to vote, both in Tribal elections and the national elections. We also must research the facts and the folks that are running for office on the national scene as it pertains to moral, ethical, civil, and what is just plain right for the electorate.

I personally served along with millions of others in the military and one of the reasons among many is that we served and fought for American’s right to exercise their vote and for basic freedoms. This Veteran’s Day and all through the year remember the sacrifices that all of our brothers and sisters in uniform made for our respective Tribes and for the country as a whole.

Brian (Gene) Branson

MSgt. USAF (Ret).

EBCI tribal member in Friendsville, Tenn.