EDITORIAL: Lead through voting

by Oct 25, 2014OPINIONS0 comments






Like it or not, when it comes to voting, you have to be the leader. As a voter, you lead the decision making process with regard to elections. By the time you get this edition of the One Feather, early voting will be in full swing. Important community decisions are being made and selections of who will control important aspects of your life are being decided.

Those who vote will select officials who will establish your tax rates and interpret your governing laws.

If you are voting, then you have several choices to make. Will you vote based on the information you see in the media? Will you seek the advice of friends and family?

Where does the candidate stand on issues that are important to you as a Native American and particularly as a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians? Will they support you on environmental and economic issues? Do they even know what issues are important to you?

The internet gives us an amazing tool to research information. You may find voting records of candidates on issues, biographical information and studies that detail the results or impact of actions taken. A good leader researches and, to the best of his/her ability, makes an informed choice.

Each person may make the choice based their own personal ethical, moral and intellectual evaluation. Be a good leader. Your voice and vote are important.