Thank you letter from Junior Miss Cherokee

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My name is Alexa Jade Ledford, and on Oct. 9 I was crowned the 2014-15 Junior Miss Cherokee. I am very excited and look forward to representing the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians with great pride and dignity.

I would like to begin by thanking the Creator for blessing me with this honor.

Thank you Mom, you never let me down and always want me to excel in all that I do. Thank you for the countless hours you spent gathering everything I needed to prepare me, from outfits, to sponsorship letters, and getting me to all required practices, etc. I love you Mom and could never thank you enough!

Next, I want to thank Chaz.  She never gave up on me and pushed me because she believed in me more than anything.  Thank you so much, all of our hard work paid off!

To my Aunt Rosie and Uncle Dan, thank you for believing in me and providing me with all my silver and the beautiful feather cape. I am very thankful for your help and continued support.

Renissa, thank you for making sure I kept calm and relaxed on pageant night, and making sure my outfits came together beautifully.  I really appreciate you and all you done for me.

Vivica, you never let me down and always make me feel beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for all the up-dos, braids, and make-up. You are fabulous, thank you so much!

Aunt Kathie, thank you for providing me with the corn beads and making sure they were nicely bagged to hand out to the crowd. I appreciate your time and patience very much!

Jordyn Thompson, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you! I was at a loss for words when you gave me my beautiful purse basket, I will carry it with great pride.  Also, thank you for letting me ride on your pretty car, you’re the best!

Nancy and Johnny Ruth Maney, thank you for making all of my beautiful outfits. Both of you do awesome work!

Richard Saunooke, thank you for my beautiful pucker-toed moccasins.

Kara, thank you for being such a great pageant coach to myself and the other contestants. Because of your guidance, we were prepared and ready to walk the stage.

Henryetta Gloyne, thank you for your work on my formal dress on such a short notice.

Jayln, my sister Madison, Keelie, Jadan, Me-Li, Nevayah, Boie, Tsini, and Connor thank you for helping me in the parade with passing out candy and handing out corn beads during my talent.

Thank you to all of my sponsors: Moni and Ben Toineeta, Dan and Rosie McCoy, Patrick and Cindy Lambert, Buddy Lambert, Jack and Tootsie Gloyne, TGC, Diamond Nails, Peters Pancakes, Johnny and Teresa McCoy, Albert Rose, CBC Printing, Paige Jackson, Tawania Ensley, Jennifer Bigmeat, Bo Crowe, and Native Street Machines. Without your generous donations I wouldn’t have been able to compete for the title of Junior Miss Cherokee.

I would like to let each of my fellow Junior Miss contestants know that it was a pleasure to share the stage with you all.  Each one of you is beautiful and talented.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family and friends who supported and believed in me from day one.  Thank you for the prayers, words of encouragement and for having faith in me.  I love you all!

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss Cherokee Taylor Wilnoty, Teen Miss Cherokee Madison Hye Long, and Little Miss Cherokee Jenna Cruz. I look forward to the upcoming year representing the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians with each of you!



Alexa Jade Ledford

Junior Miss Cherokee 2014-15