Thank you from Jr. Miss pageant contestant

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Shiyo Nigada! My name is Praire M. Toineeta, and I would like to say “Sgi” to the following people:

  • To my mom, for everything that she did to get me prepared and ready for the pageant.
  • To my uncle John John, for helping me with my talent!
  • To Eddie Paul for graciously loaning me his feather fan. You are a life saver!
  • To Kara Martin, thank you for giving your time to help all of us prepare for our “big night”!
  • To my uncle Junebug who helped my mom finish paying for my feather cape.
  • To my aunt Candy for fixing my hair and for your words of encouragement.
  • To my sponsors Perry Shell, Bo Crowe and my aunt Wahnetah Stamper. Your help was truly appreciated.
  • To my cousins BC and Chantele, Noquish and Teela for walking in the parade and handing out all that candy. You guys are awesome!
  • To Michelle Jackson Stamper for letting me use her beautiful car and to her niece Kelly for driving it.
  • To my family for always supporting me.
  • To all the Jr. Miss Cherokee contestants…you all did a wonderful job and looked very beautiful!

Congratulations to Jade Ledford on being crowned the new Jr. Miss Cherokee 2014-2015! I know that you will do a wonderful job representing our Tribe. Also, congratulations to Jenna Cruz on being crowned the new Little Miss Cherokee 2014-2015!



Praire Monique Toineeta

Jr. Miss Cherokee Contestant #5 & Miss Congeniality