Thank you from pageant contestant

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I would like to thank everyone in my family that helped with my Jr. Miss pageant.  Thank you first to my mom and dad for getting me to practice and for all the support you always give me in anything that choose to do.  Special thanks to my momma Sue Long for making my outfit and my Aunt Tess for beading my moccasins.

To Nancy and Johnny Sue Maney, thank you for my beautiful shirts.  To my singer, Frankie Bottchenbaugh, I really appreciate you for taking the time to practice and singing for my pageant.  Thank you to my dancers Jacob Long, Chloe Ledford, Jeece Ledford, Shadow Long, and Ryan Walkingstick.  Thank you all so much and I love you.  To Aunt “Punney” Parker Washington, thank for the hair piece.  My hair turned out wonderful, and my mom said she loves you dearly.  To Native Street Machines Car Club, thank you for the donation for my candy for the parade.  To Kara Martin, thanks for all the direction for the pageant.  You are a wonderful teacher.

Thank you to Rae queen for being our representative for Jr. Miss and making sure that everyone was there and on time.  Thanks to other contestants.  We had a great time, and congratulations to Jade Ledford for winning Jr. Miss Cherokee. Thank you to my God above for giving me the strength to get through this event.

Samantha Cole

Jr. Miss Cherokee contestant #3