LETTER: Thank you Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship

by Oct 2, 2014OPINIONS0 comments


Financial aid support awarded to students is usually designed to be used for tuition, fees, and books.   While that is much appreciated, students have many other expenses that go beyond what is covered in a financial aid package.

Thankfully, there is a scholarship opportunity for EBCI members that allows a student some flexibility to use their funds.  It might be day care expenses, rent, groceries, gas, copying/printing in the library or a much needed cup of coffee. The Yogi Crowe Scholarship does just that and I appreciate being able to use the funds when and where I need them.

I received this scholarship again this semester and have already put it to good use as I pursue my master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Tennessee.  I publically want to express my appreciation for the support provided by the Yogi Crowe Scholarship and recognize the versatility it allows for those of us that need it to cover a variety of expenses while we pursue our educational goals.

Thank you,

Beau Carroll