Qualla Housing Authority goes green

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As the world grows more conscience about global warming and environmental pollution, Qualla Housing Authority has taken its first steps towards addressing this issue. The Qualla Housing Authority’s Housing Energy Initiative is to explore creative solutions to providing eco-friendly affordable housing, bring solutions into practice, and prepare tomorrow’s homeowners for a world in which energy presents ever more demanding challenges and possibilities.

Residential Leasing

To address the energy efficiency needs of the Residential Leasing Program, QHA teamed with Duke Energy to participate in their Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program. This program allowed for the installation of energy efficient products in 6 of the Residential Leasing Communities. On Monday, Sept. 22, it provided assistance to 106 households. These products will reduce the amount of excessive energy and water consumption for QHA tenants, thus reducing their utility expenses.

“I am ecstatic to know that we are taking strides towards more environmentally cognizant actions”, said Kimberly Smith, QHA rental occupancy specialist. “The QHA Energy Initiative speaks to the cultural tradition of thinking beyond oneself and for the generations to come.”


QHA homeownership clients and community homeowners also have an opportunity to improve the efficiency of their homes. Duke Energy has established the Home Energy House Call Program for individual homeowners. At no cost to the homeowner, a trained energy specialist will conduct a thorough in-home analysis and install a free Energy Efficiency Starter Kit that includes Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs, an energy efficient showerhead, switch and outlet energy seals and more. The Home Energy House Call is being offered for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis, and participation must be at the request of the homeowner.

Info: Kimberly Smith 497-3070, kimbsmit@nc-cherokee.com or for more information on the Duke Energy program (844) 346-4366, visit https://www.duke-energy.com/ohio/savings/home-energy-house-call.asp

– Qualla Housing Authority