EBCI Land Needs Assessment meetings planned

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An initiative is underway to identify the kinds of land, beyond existing EBCI holdings, which could be helpful in supporting cultural preservation, health, and economic development in the future for the community.  The “EBCI Land Needs Assessment”, funded by a grant to the Land Trust for the Little Tennessee by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation, is seeking input from Tribal members in a round of meetings this fall.

Some of the questions being asked are:

  • Should the EBCI have long-term plan for accessing new lands—and for what purposes?
  • How can the EBCI take advantage of partnerships off of the Boundary that can leverage outside funding and new opportunities?
  • Do pressures and competition for land put a damper on tribal farming, cultural tourism, business development, protection of historic sites, and housing?

If you are interested in hearing more or have ideas or questions, please come to one of the upcoming four meetings:

  • Thursday, Oct. 16 – WCU Cherokee Center- Cultural and Historic Site Protection
  • Thursday, Oct. 30 – WCU Cherokee Center- Health, Recreational, Educational Areas
  • Thursday, Nov. 6 – WCU Cherokee Center-Commercial, Tourism, Housing Development
  • Tuesday, Dec. 2 – Yellow Hill Community Club. Prioritizing ideas from the different focus areas.

All meetings will run from 11am – 2pm with lunch provided.  RSVP to Jane Kneller, WCU Cherokee Center, 497-7920 or jkneller@email.wcu.edu

– WCU Cherokee Center