PUBLIC NOTICE: Improvements made to Substance Abuse Treatment Services

by Sep 9, 2014COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments


Cherokee Indian Hospital and the Behavioral Health/Analenisgi staff have developed a plan to ensure a safe and secure environment for patients to begin the process of recovery from drug or alcohol dependence. Former patients will notice a big change in daily routines and safety procedures.

There are several components to the plan.  First, a training program for inpatient staff and providers is underway. Second, we are making significant changes to detoxification policies and procedures. We will offer expanded therapy services on site.  This will eliminate the need for inpatients to travel to Birdtown for services while in detox at Cherokee Indian Hospital. To accomplish this, Behavioral Health staff have made changes to the outpatient substance abuse treatment program.

Our goal is to better serve individuals at each stage in the recovery process. Wanda Lambert, nurse manager Inpatient, states “Inpatient nursing and physician staff members are very excited about this improvement of care and safety.”

The new program will be implemented Monday, Sept. 22.

– Cherokee Indian Hospital