Cherokee Healing and Wellness Coalition planning Community Day

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The Cherokee Healing and Wellness Coalition is hosting its 7th annual Community Day on Saturday, Sept. 13 from 11a.m. – 3p.m. at the Tsali Manor Pavilion in Cherokee to which everyone is invited.  Please bring a traditional Cherokee food dish for the potluck lunch along with your favorite beverage.  Such dishes may be made with wild berries or grapes, persimmons, field apricots, corn, beans, squash, mushrooms, wild greens, ramps, potatoes and succotash.  Traditional breads are made with chestnuts, beans, sweet potatoes, flour corn and hominy.  Possible meats are bear, deer, fish, raccoon, turkey, squirrel, rabbit or wild game birds.  Nuts are hickory nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and butternuts.  Seating is limited so a personal lawn chair is suggested.

“Honoring Community Unsung Heroes”is the theme of this year’s gathering.  Nominations are being solicited from each community for an individual who volunteers many hours and often is not recognized for their work.  Door prizes will be given.

The Cherokee Healing and Wellness Coalition is committed to enhancing the lives of people by honoring and reclaiming the seven Cherokee core values especially in the promotion of clean, wholesome, healthy life styles.  The seven core values are:  spirituality, harmony, education, sense of place, honoring the past, strong character, and sense of humor.

Info: Carol Long 554-6222 or 736-1213

– Cherokee Healing and Wellness Coalition