Qualla Arts and Crafts adds new fair exhibit category: Memory Keepers

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Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, Inc. has added a new fair exhibit category this year entitled Memory Keepers which will involve a 300-500 word history of anything pertaining to Cherokee history and culture.  The written portion may be accompanied by 3-5 copies of photographs.  The photographs must be copies (not originals), and they must be framed and 8.5” x11” in size.

The written submission must be historically accurate and include a list of sources used if applicable.  On a separate page, list any sources used by title and author’s name (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.).

Examples of written submissions include: an account of one’s memories of the Cherokee Indian Fair including grandstand memories or pageant history; history of archery or blowguns; gardening secrets; history of any Cherokee art or craft; history of herbs; family history or tradition; history of foods eaten by Cherokee and/or food preserving techniques; history of Cherokee dances; square dance history; history of Cherokee games; family stories; or a history of resources used by the Cherokee for arts and crafts, hunting, dyes, clothing, etc.

The submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Submit two copies of your written submission and two copies of any photographs – one with your full name and one without to ensure that the submission will be blindly judged.
  2. The submission meets the word limit requirement.
  3. The submission meets the Cherokee history and culture requirement.
  4. Accurate historical information is provided with sources identified for any historical information.
  5. Attention has been paid to grammar and spelling accuracy.

If you have any questions about this new category, contact Vicki Cruz or Denise Ballard 497-3103.

Prize money

Adult Category (19+up)

1st – $125

2nd – $100

3rd – $75

Young Adult Category (13-18)

1st – $75

2nd – $50

3rd – $25

Youth (5-12

1st – $35

2nd – $25

3rd – $15

– Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, Inc.