Shelter Operations Training held at Birdtown

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Emergency Management DrillBy AMBLE SMOKER



EBCI Emergency Management and the American Red Cross conducted Shelter Operations Training on Tuesday, Aug. 19 at the Birdtown Recreation Center.  The purpose of the training and exercise was to provide an opportunity for the Cherokee Recreation Department , Cherokee Natural Resources Enforcement (NRE) and other agencies assigned sheltering lead and support roles to work as a team to assess their ability to open, manage and close emergency shelters.

The exercise will also assist in identifying strengths and areas needing improvement regarding the tribes Emergency Operations Plan and to create policies and procedures for the shelters.  This fall, the Emergency Management program will also partner with Law Enforcement Associates to conduct Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response educational training to residents of the Qualla Boundary and Snowbird Community.  Upon the completion of the Disaster Response and Crisis Response training, a Shelter Operations exercise will be conducted in the Snowbird Community.