EDITORIAL: Grow Daddy  

by Jun 9, 2014OPINIONS0 comments




As another Father’s Day approaches, it is important to note the benefits of being a dad and having a committed relationship with his children. There are many social benefits society reaps from the institution of fatherhood. We know many of the personal advantages he enjoys, for example a loving family and stable home life. One benefit that we don’t often consider is the health benefits that daddy-hood brings.

Men who care for others, especially children, seem to be in constant motion. Committed fathers are busy people. They work at providing for the family. When a father is doing what he should, he ensures that income is sufficient for a good life for his wife and children, even if it means giving up additional personal time. After work, the committed dad spends quality time with the family that is filled with play and education.

Fathers who commit to the daddy lifestyle also have more freedom. If you are focused on family, there is less time to become involved in accidents, crime or substance abuse. The focal point of a committed father is the well-being of his family.

Committed mothers and fathers are foundations for a healthy and sustainable family and society. In today’s society, there are many family units that are fully functional and thrive without mother, father or neither. In those cases, single parents or guardians work to provide all the needs of their children. Hopefully, if you choose to be a father, you will realize the health benefits of good parenting and the importance of growing in your roll of daddy.