Thank you from the Owle family

by Jun 6, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

Our hearts are full of gratitude when we say many thanks to family members, sisters, brothers, cousins,  Davey’s co-workers from the park, Mt. Mediation, court staff, singers, pall bearers, friends and neighbors for all acts of kindness and sympathy including: food, flowers, cards, visits and kind words spoken to our family regarding the recent passing of a wonderful son and brother, Davy Owle.

We want to express special appreciation to Ray Kinsland and Rev. Forman Bradley for their many words of comfort and to the Long House Funeral Home for their professional arrangements and caring service.

Davy was a caring, loving son, brother and friend and our loss is too great.  The kindness shown to us will help us in the difficult time ahead.  But, knowing that Davy touched so many lives will help us to accept his untimely death.

Jane and Dee Owle