LETTER: An open appeal to all drug abuse enablers

by Jun 3, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

This letter is an open appeal to all of those who, like me, are contributing to the utter destruction of a generation of young people who seem determined to self-destruct by shooting poison into their veins.  They come to us feigning hardships, even hunger, and we are taken in by their pretense.  All, at the same time, we know what they are really after.

They are persuasive and will not give up, but that does not excuse us.  If the banks will not loan them money, there has to be a reason.  If we do, we are no less guilty than the dealers who bring it in here for them to kill themselves.  It does not seem possible that a well-equipped police force is powerless to curb drug activity on an Indian reservation.

Think about these fine, young people who have been born to wonderful, productive, God-fearing people, and we are simply going to lose them before they even begin to live.  Those same God-fearing people, and I among them, have been too productive, apparently.  Somewhere along the way, we have neglected our very purpose for being here.  That purpose is to nurture the human spirits that have been entrusted to us.

Instead of letting them have the means to do themselves harm, we should be trying to get them busy learning how to live.  Please think about this.  Also, think about our own families.  Should we take what is rightfully theirs?  They have invested their entire lives in whatever we have.  Another thing, one-tenth of what we have or receive belongs not to us, but to God.  How can we be sure we are contributing what is actually ours?  We older people need to stop and think.  The life we save is somebody’s child or grandchild, and definitely a child of God.



Sue Cooper Owle