Personnel Policy Review Committee canvassing tribal employees

by May 1, 2014Happenings0 comments

Per the EBCI HR Department:

The Personnel Policy Review Committee  is canvassing Tribal Employees for feedback regarding the E.B.C.I Personnel Policy; employees may use this opportunity to suggest changes to the existing policy.  Attached is a blank employee comment form in which you can submit suggestions/ comments/ feedback regarding the current Personnel Policy and acknowledgment form .  Completed forms should be submitted to the following  departmental representatives or can be submitted to the Employment Office.  Again, this is the Employees opportunity to  contribute to the Personnel Policy.


Lynne Harlan                      554-6712

Cassandra Hill                    497-7030

Cheri Hollifield                   497-7049

Gloria Hyatt                        497-7437

Maceta Bradley                554-6912

Trina Owle                          554-6194

James Bradley                   554-6163

Polly Jo Castorena           554-6530

Jewell Fischer                    554-6392

Jennifer Jackson               554-6211

Alicia Wildcatt                    554-6605


If you have any additional questions please contact any of the listed committee members.