EDITORIAL: Let your vote be heard

by Apr 26, 2014OPINIONS0 comments




The primary for federal, state and local North Carolina government elections will take place on May 6. The primary is an opportunity for the voters to make their feelings known and begin the process of selecting their representation. Voters will participate in the selection of senators, representatives, county commissioners, sheriffs and other government officials.


According the North Carolina State Board of Elections, 35 percent of those eligible to vote in the primary of 2012 cast ballots (presidential election cycle). In 2010, voter turnout was only 16 percent, which is the average turnout for primaries since 1988 and just over a third of those eligible chose to have their voices heard in the process. The rest of the potential voters chose to allow others to select representation for them.


Cherokee voters have an opportunity to select an elected county, state and federal leadership who will work to ensure that the needs of local people are considered and addressed. People must educate themselves on the issues, candidates and find out if those seeking votes have integrity and the best interests of the people at heart.


The economy of the Qualla Boundary and the household of every enrolled member will be affected by the outcome of the May primary. It is important that Cherokee people go the polls on May 6 or take advantage early voting opportunities. Voting is how the constituency speaks to its leaders.