LETTER: Some voters wield a greater power

by Apr 7, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

The filing period has closed, the battle lines have been drawn, and each party has begun selecting its champion for November. While November is many months away, much will be decided in the next few weeks in the primary election. Rather than a selection of the best candidate for the job, many cynics view primary elections as more akin to mobs clawing over one another for the opportunity to tear down the opposition in November.

It is no surprise that we have arrived at this destination. The last election cycle saw one of the longest, negative and most expensive presidential primaries in history.  A new generation of voters soured on the entire process, and 2012 saw a huge decline in participation from the 18-24 age group.

In North Carolina, 2014 seems much like 2012. Eight Republicans vie for a Senate nomination to pair off against presumed nominee, and incumbent, Kay Hagan. Several sides have already exchanged blows as each competes for what will likely be the deciding seat in whether or not Democrats maintain a majority next year. On May 6th, voters will decide the face of the Republican Party for the remainder of this election.

The NCGOP may be represented a seasoned politician, like Thom Tillis, James Snyder Jr., or Ted Alexander. The nominee could be retired physician Edward Kryn, former army nurse Heather Grant, or practicing OBGYN Greg Brannon. They could be represented by evangelical Mark Harris, or Icard resident Alex Bradshaw. While many of these names are unknown to most readers, it is worth pointing out that recently Kay Hagan has been polling behind all of the above. At the time of this writing, it is more likely than not that one of the above candidates will be North Carolina’s next Senator.

Voters wield a great power, still. But May 6, at least in North Carolina, it is the Republicans and the unaffiliated voters in the Republican Primary that wield the greater power.


Aaron Littlefield

Worship Leader at Big Cove Pentecostal Holiness Church