Budget Council results for Tuesday, March 4

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Res. No. 132 – Budget Amendments: FY2014 Health Delivery – Passed


Res. No. 133 – Budget Amendments: FY2014 Domestic Violence – Passed


Res. No. 134 – Budget Amendments: FY2014 Transit – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 135 – Budget Amendments: FY2014 In-House Legal – Passed


Res. No. 136 – Budget Amendments: FY2014 Water & Sewer – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 137 – Budget Amendments: FY 2014 Water Treatment Facility – Passed


Res. No. 138 – Budget Amendments: FY2014 Kituwah Academy – Passed


Res. No. 139 – Cherokee Fire Dept. authorized to submit an application package to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 140 – Division of Commerce is authorized to coordinate and submit an application to DOJ for the CTAS – Passed


Res. No. 141 – Ernest Panther request Tribe to honor all its commitments both verbal and written re: Big Cove Community Parcel No. 643 leave for Tribal Fish Hatchery – Tabled


Res. No. 109 – Request for funding in the amount of $50,000 from the use of fund balance of the Endowment Fund No. 2 for expansion and improvement of Birdtown Cemetery – Passed

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