Report to Birdtown Community from Rep. Rose

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To the Members of Birdtown Community:

I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to serve our community and Tribe.  It has been an extremely busy 5 months adjusting to community, committee, and Council obligations.  So I want to take this time to update you on a few of my activities as your Council representative.

My main objective is simple:  Make our Tribal Government accountable to you, the enrolled member, by cutting unnecessary and excessive spending.  I believe Council must set an example regarding budgets, and must adhere to these budgets.

In keeping with that goal, please rest assured I WILL NOT agree to any increase in funding for the Murphy Casino Project.  I have received numerous calls regarding this situation from concerned community members, and my stand is simple; an amount was budgeted and should remain in effect.  I am sure the majority of you have a budget you stick to and live within your means.  I believe our government and acting boards/commissions should be held to the same standard.  I will not agree to an increase because a board/commission overlooked basic construction components for this project.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to become more involved in my community.  Working with the Birdtown Free Labor Group, I am able to help with many community needs.  This group is a hard-working crew and I appreciate each of these individuals.  So far, Birdtown Free Labor has worked on the expansion and maintenance of the Birdtown Cemetery.  We are currently making improvements to the Ting Rogers Ball Field (next to the Birdtown Community Building).  I secured a $5,000 grant towards this effort from the Cherokee Police Department DARE program.  I would like to thank CIPD and Chief of Police Ben Reed for this financial assistance; it will make a positive difference in our community! We can always use extra hands.  If you can help out, please contact me (788-2678) or Travis Smith (269-8155).  I am happy to report there will be a playground built near the new Birdtown Complex.  This playground should be ready for use sometime in June.  Many community members have wanted this project and worked towards it.  I appreciate their efforts and I will report on this project once details are finalized.

I am currently working on finding money to address the Birdtown Community Building which is in need of improvements.  We have a great community club and I look forward to assisting in making the building more user friendly.

I was able to volunteer time at Tribal Facilities to assist with the Woodcutting Program.  I encourage all that are able to donate time to this worthwhile effort.  Not only do we get a lot of work done, but it’s good to know you’re helping our Tribal elders and handicapped.

I serve on the following Tribal Committees:  Qualla Housing, Lands, Roads, Timber & Natural Resources, Planning, and Manpower.  I am usually at the TOP Office from 8:00 a.m. until ??? (depending on meeting schedules and community obligations).  Feel free to call my cell phone or leave a message at TOP at (828) 554-6721, and I will get back in touch.

I encourage you to attend our Birdtown Community Club meetings.  Jody Taylor is our chairperson, and she may be reached at (828) 736-7510.

Thank you for your patience and support.  I will continue to provide information via the One Feather.  I am also in the process of establishing a Facebook page to post community information.  When I was out campaigning, people expressed the desire to know what is going on with our Tribe and government and I will keep you informed.

My service to you, our community, and our Tribe is an honor.  I look forward to meeting and talking with you soon!


Albert Rose

Birdtown Council Representative