Tribal Council Agenda – Thursday, March 6

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9:00 a.m.         Request for Time – Chip Hall – Jackson Co. Sheriff


9:10 a.m.         Request for time – Jonathan Maney – News 28 Presentation


9:20 a.m.         Request for time – Ron Robinson – Candidate for State Senate


9:30 a.m.         Last Will and Testament of Esther Lee Owle Waldroup (d) (Item No. 1)


9:40 a.m.         Denning A. Rochester request to lease land to open waterpark (Item No. 2)


9:50 a.m.         Barry and Collette Coggins request to lease parcels 56-A and 56-B and 57-B and a portion of Parcel No. 60-A for a Wildlife Park & Sanctuary  (Item No. 3)


10:00 a.m.       Tabled Res. No. 27 – Request from Brandon Locust, Charlene Rodriguez and Timothy J. Locust to purchase (1) one buildable acre each on the Boundary Tree Tract at the cost of $500 per acre for housing purposes, to be garnished from their June 2014 per capita.  (Item No. 4)


10:10 a.m.       Tabled Res. No. 128 – Request from Cheryl Maney and the three minor children of Frieda N. Ivey Saylor to purchase (1) one acre each of buildable property at the cost of $500 per acre for housing purposes.  (Item No. 5)


10:20 a.m.       John Charles Sherrill requesting to purchase (1) one buildable acre of Tribal Land on the Boundary Tree Tract for $500  (Item No. 6)


10:30 a.m.       Cassandra Driver Maye and Derek Driver – Resolution requesting to purchase (1) one buildable acre of land on the Katie Littlejohn Road in the Big Cove Community (Item No. 7)


10:50 a.m.       Tabled Res. No. 124 – Sally Tramper Kent request access to her property without signatures of Tammy Wynette Queen, Stuart Dwight Crowe, and Raven Andrew Tramper.  (Item No. 8)


11:00 a.m.       Newman Arneach (d) heirs request a closed working session with Tribal Council regarding the resolution submitted by Mr. Tyler Blankenship (Item No. 9)


11:10 a.m.       Held Item – Tyler Blankenship – EBCI be responsible for relocating and rebuilding of house site.  (Item No. 10)


11:20 a.m.       Resolution requesting to decrease TGC/TCGE Board Members salaries (Item No. 11)


11:30 a.m.       Tabled Ord. No. 83 – Amendment to Chapter 95 – Tribal Employment Preference Law (submitted by Janet Arch)  (Item No. 12)


11:40 a.m.       TERO Commission Vacancy  (Item No. 13)


1:00 p.m.         Emergency Resolutions


– Banishment Items if Necessary

– TOP Office