LETTER: Thank you Jim Cooper

by Feb 26, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

I would like to thank Mr. Jim Cooper for the many years he has helped our people.  For many years before we became a financially successful tribe he gave jobs to those who wanted to work, helping families put food on their tables.  He continues to do this today.  He also helped many people in financial crisis who had nowhere else to turn, and trusted they would pay him back as promised.  Although he does not do this anymore, it is an example of this quiet man’s love for his people, and his faith in God and humanity.

It is not often anyone says thank you to a person in the community who is a member of our tribe who has done so much for so many, never looking for recognition or credit for what they do in being a servant of God and community, so again, thank you Mr. Jim Cooper for all that you do.

Enos Taylor