Volunteer Income Tax Assistance information

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If your annual income is $58,000 or less, you are eligible to have your taxes done at no cost at the EBCI Extension Center located at 876 Acquoni Road.  . Married filing jointly also has a $58,000 cap.  They cannot do rental income (Sch E); Dividend and Investment income (Sch B) and complex Sch C.

List of items that client needs to bring to appointment:

1. Wage (W-2), Per capita (1099-M), Interest (1099-I), Social Security (SSA-1099),     Pension or Retirement (1099-R) forms; if SSI (no form necessary)

2. Daycare provider statement including provider tax ID

3. Social Security Card and birth date of each individual listed on tax return

4. Enrolled member card for each individual eligible for NC Tax Exemption

5. Driver’s license or other government picture id for proof of identification

6. Bank account full number (not just the 5 digit number from MCU) and routing number, if filing for electronic refund (can get this from bank)

7. Any other information income or expense information needed to prepare tax return

8. Last year’s tax return (if possible)

If filing electronically, both signatures are needed during appointment.

Info: Lavita Lambert 554-6939, Janet Owle 554-6937 or Trish Calhoun 554-6933

– Janet Owle, EBCI Extension Center