Healing and Wellness Coalition offering educational DVSs

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Healing & Wellness CoalitionThe Cherokee Healing and Wellness Coalition has sponsored various conferences and events since its inception in 2002.  Over the years, the group has developed a series of educational DVDs  including:

2006 “Creating a Peaceful Spirit: A Journey to Healing” conference (5 DVDs in set):

  • Dr. Ben Bushyhead, keynote speech –  “Why We Have Difficulty Healing Ourselves”
  • Dr. Ann Bullock –  The Connection of Stress and Trauma to Diabetes
  • Dr. Stephen Colmant – “Effects of Boarding School Experience”
  • Steve Saffron – “Laughter is Good Medicine:  How to Lighten Up and Balance Life” – (2 discs)

2007 “Healing Cultural Oppression” conference (8 DVDs in set):

  • Dr. Ann Bullock – “Healing Cultural Oppression”
  • Dr. Eduardo Duran – “Wounding Seeking Wounding:  The Psychology of the Vampire (2 discs)
  • Dr. Eduardo Duran – “Treating the Effects of Trauma and Vampire Infection”
  • Lynda Prince – “Identity in Crisis:  We, the First People (2 discs)
  • Dr. Stephen Colmant – “The Sweat Lodge Ceremony and Cultural Empowerment”
  • Don Herring – “Ecological Approach to Healing Trauma”

2011 Patty Grant Presentation “Cherokee Historic Grief and Trauma”

White Bison “The Wellbriety Movement: Journey of Forgiveness” about boarding schools and historical grief and trauma.   

All of these DVDs and sets are available from Healing and Wellness Coalition.  To order, contact Mary Herr 497-9498 or maryherr@dnet.net.  Donations will be appreciated.  Checks should be made payable to Healing and Wellness Coalition and sent to 214 Dry Bone Road, Whittier, NC  28789.

– Cherokee Healing and Wellness Coalition