Pedestrian fatality involves Cherokee Officer (updated)

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Note: This report was updated with new information from the Cherokee Indian Police Department at 2:45pm on Friday, Oct. 11.  

A Cherokee Indian Police Department officer was involved in a fatal accident involving two pedestrians on the night of Wednesday, Oct. 9.  The incident occurred on the 441-bypass at approximately 8:40pm.

While on patrol, the  Patrol Officer Cody McKinney turned on a vehicle with only one working headlight and the two pedestrians were hit in the roadway.

Randy, 44, one of the pedestrians, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Randall Driver, 24, was transported by ambulance to the Cherokee Indian Hospital where he was treated and released.

“Because one of our employees was involved, we have turned the investigation over to the North Carolina Highway Patrol,” said Cherokee Chief of Police Ben Reed.  “We want to assure the Driver family, our officer, our department, and our community, that we will do everything we can to resolve this tragic accident.”

He continued, “We are going to be very open with information with all involved to keep everyone informed of the process.  This is certainly a trying time for all of us, but I thank God for His mercy and His grace is sufficient.  God is my rock.”

The Highway Patrol will conduct a full investigation, which will include interviews, accident reconstruction and forensics on the patrol vehicle.

The officer will remain on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

– CIPD release, One Feather staff contributed to this report