Letter of thanks and appreciation from 2012-2013 Duyukodvi (Right Path) class.

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On behalf of the 2012-2013 Duyukodvi class, we would like to acknowledge and give thanks to Unelanvi and all the people who inspired us with your talks during our classes or words of encouragement. We also want to say sgi to Juanita Wilson for putting up with us all year long and keep everything in check for us.  Marie Junaluska for your help with us learning all the Cherokee Syllabary and help with some language lessons for us. Also, sgi to our families and employers for supporting us in this program and adjusting schedules for us to attend. Also SGI to the current Duyukodvi Alumni group you can add us to the list to help out. And Sgi to Tom Belt, Amanda Swimmer and Garfield Long Jr. for speaking at our graduation and encouraging words for us. Again, thank you very much and may God continue to bless each and every one.


Lana Lambert (Diyaketsisgi), Kelly Bradley (Keli), Nikki Crisp (Ugidali), Sky Sampson (Galvloi) & Eddie Paul (edi quoli)

Duyukodvi 2012-2013 Alumni