BOE will remain open on Friday

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The EBCI Board of Elections will remain open on Friday, Aug. 30 until 4:30pm.  This will be the last day to absentee vote for the September General Election. 

The BOE is located in the Ginger Lynn Welch Complex. 

Requirements for tribal members voting absentee are as follows:

ALL Registered voters who are unable to return to Cherokee to cast their votes who


•           Are on Active Military duty OR

•           Employed by the Federal Government OR

•           Students enrolled in institutions of higher education OR

•           Tribal employees whose employment requires absence OR

•           Because of illness are in a hospital, nursing home, or other treatment facility & whose physical condition & course of treatment prevents return to Cherokee to cast their votes OR

•           Physically reside on Cherokee trust lands

ALL Applications for an Absentee ballot will require proof of which of the above criteria the voter meets. 

There is NO early voting, ONLY Absentee in Cherokee Tribal Elections.  ALL absentee applicants must meet one of the six criteria listed above.

– EBCI Board of Elections