Student Opportunities: Weird, wacky, and wonderful ways to finance your higher education goals

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Student Opportunities by Constance OwlWith a little effort and an open mind, students can find creative and fun ways to cover expenses and meet the financial obligations of higher education. A quick search of the web can lead students toward many unique scholarship opportunities. Tucked snugly between traditional scholarships which require in-depth essays, recommendation letters, high GPA, and extensive community service, several scholarships exist which require nothing more than having a certain last name, being over 6 feet tall, or being vegetarian. Here are just a few that stand out and just might be a perfect fit for you!

Carnegie Mellon University Bagpipe Scholarship

 Channel your Scottish inner self and dust off your bagpipes. Carnegie Mellon University awards $7,000 to one applicant every year to study bagpipe.

Duct Tape “Stuck at Prom” Scholarship Contest

Get stuck on duct tape and create a prom ensemble for you and your date. You could win a $3000 scholarship with your duct tape prom attire.

The Klingon Language Institute Kor Memorial Scholarship

Are you a trekky? Based on an alien race from Star Trek, this scholarship only requires you to be a graduate enrolled for a language and linguistics course in an accredited institution.

Excellence in Predicting the Future Award

Are you good at predicting success in the stock market? This scholarship of $400 is awarded every two months to those who can predict the ‘buy and sell’ in stocks.

The Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship

Any high school senior skate boarder with a GPA of 2.5 will qualify for this generous scholarships which ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Award 

Got milk…or at least a good milk mustache? This $7,500 scholarship, free trip to Disney World and spot in a Milk Mustache ad are available to 25 student-athlete high school seniors with 3.20 GPAs and participate in school or club sports.

National Make It Yourself Wool Competition 

Do you consider yourself a fashion guru with a special taste for working in wool? If so, you may qualify for one of four scholarships with the American Sheep Industry.

National Marbles Tournament Scholarship 

Don’t lose your marbles looking for college money; this contest for eight to 14 year olds awards between $1,000 and $2,000 in scholarship funds to those skilled in the game of marbles.

Common Knowledge Challenges 

If your considered someone who knows a “little about a lot” then you may be eligible for a series of Common Knowledge Scholarships that range from $250 – $3,000.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship 

Are you a vegetarian high school student who promotes vegetarianism in your school or community? A $5000 scholarship could be the green coming your way.


Always be willing to discover what is unique about you, and then make that work to your advantage in your search for college funding. Don’t be afraid to go “outside of the box” or overlook untraditional scholarships and grants in your search for support in meeting your educational objectives. The money is there…now jump in!