New Youth Sport Registration procedures

by Aug 20, 2013Happenings0 comments

The Recreation Department has made some adjustments to the youth sport registration procedures.  Beginning Oct. 1, they will be designating specific dates and times for which children can be registered for specific sport play.  All registrations will occur at Birdtown Gym in person requiring the following paperwork be provided upon registering:


  • Sport Registration Form
  • EBCI Enrollment number or Birth Certificate (If not EBCI enrolled)
  • Copy of current Sports Physical

The Recreation Department will no longer be taking registrations outside the designated date and times unless there is a need beyond their control.  Upon registration, children will be issued any necessary equipment provided by the department.  Failure to provide the listed paperwork will render the registration incomplete.

Info: Birdtown Gym 554-6890

– Cherokee Life Program – Recreation