Seeking former Miss Cherokees for photo

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The Cherokee One Feather is putting together the 2013 Cherokee Indian Fair program that will be inserted into the Sept. 26 issue as well as handed out at the Fair itself.  The paper is seeking all former Miss Cherokees for a group photo to be displayed prominently in this program.  A photo shoot is planned for Sunday, Sept. 15 at 3:30pm at the Homestead adjacent to the Oconaluftee Visitor Center.  You may wear traditional Cherokee clothes if you wish, but it is not required.  Wearing your sash and crown is encouraged though.  Info: Scott 554-6263 or

Below is a listing of all Miss Cherokees.  If you know anyone on this list, please see that this message is passed along to them.  Thank you.

1963    Dorothy McCoy-Smith

1966    Faren Sanders-Crews

1968    Penny Otter-Huntsman

1969    Patty Grant Edgemon

1970    Loretta Hornbuckle-Kirby

1971    Shirley Swayney-Clore

1972    Pearl Bradley

1973    Rowena Teesatuskie

1974    Lawana Cooper-Almond

1975    Deb West

1976    Debbie Conseen-Bradley

1977    Elista Long

1978    Loretta Ann Hornbuckle

1979    Betty Owle-Moreland

1980    Alice Groenwald

1981    Gloria West-Hyatt

1982    Melvina Swimmer

1983    Eugenia Thompson

1984    Mollie Lossiah-Grant

1985    Renissa McLaughlin

1986    Lavenia West-Hicks

1987    Becky Wildcatt

1988    Janell Rattler

1989    Lori Sanders

1990    Keredith Owens

1991    Cynthia Ledford

1992    Heather Swimmer-Younce

1993    Sheila Davis-Brown

1994    Ursula Welch

1995    April Sampson

1996    Nakoa Chiltoskie

1997    Molly Hornbuckle

1998    Ariane Cucumber/Monica Wildcatt

1999    Natassia Baldwin

2000    Brooke Lossiah

2001    Tina George

2002    Natalie Hill Grant

2003    Amy Kalonaheskie

2004    Emra Arkansas

2005    Samantha Crowe-Hernandez

2006    (Idle)

2007    Kara Martin

2008    Amanda Wolfe Moore

2009    Rachel Hicks

2010    Tonya Carroll

2011    Kristie Hyatt

2012    Karyl Frankiewicz