Thank you letter from the family of Barbara Sequoyah

by Mar 20, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

The family of Barbara Sequoyah would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made Friday, Feb. 1 a night we’ll never forget.  Thanks to the many friends and family members who came to participate in this extra special event.  A big thanks to all of Barbara’s teammates and coach Joe Myers who really this night special.

Thanks to the Cherokee School Board and to chairperson Lori Blankenship for all the effort she put into this occasion, as did coach Craig Barker and Mrs. Woodreen Caldwell.

Thanks to the retiring committee for finally giving our loved one the recognition she so greatly deserved.  As Ray Kinsland stated in his memoriam to Barb, this is long overdue recognition, and we have waited 39 years to hear the beautiful words that Mr. Kinsland spoke.  Thank you Ray and Deb for the super nice write-up.

Thank you to Henrietta Gloyne for doing such a beautiful job in recreating the original jersey of 1974 and to Evelyn Locust for the extra special framing that she did.

Before this night, Feb. 1 was a sad day for our family because it was 28 years ago that we laid Barbara to rest and yes on her tombstone the number “44” is in each corner.  She wore this number with pride and respect.  We now have a happy memory in her honor.  We don’t know who was responsible for the jerseys that were given to our family, but they were very nice, thank you.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Monika Toineeta for all the work she put into making this night super special to our family.