Thank you letter from the family of Martha Ross

by Mar 4, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

The Martha Ross family would like to thank the following for the thoughts, prayers, food and singing during the loss of our loved one:  The wonderful staff at Tsali Care and all family and friends.  Charles, Ray Ball, Michelle and Agnes Wolfe, Eva Reed, Vicki Medford, Mianna Luther, Big Cove Free Labor, Juanita & Rachel Harris and Qualla Arts & Crafts.  For bringing food: Maddie Welch, Donna Welch, Vanessa Welch, Kerri Jachim, LeaAnn Panther, Shirley West, Lucille Lossiah, Sadie Bradley, Elnora Nations, Ike Sequoyah, Sharyn Panther, Darlene Ledford, Straight Fork Ladies, Joe Wolfe and Marion Ormond.   For singing: Ray Kinsland Group, Lloyd Wolfe Group, Old Antioch Choir, Yellowhill Choir, Rock Springs Church Choir, Land & David Smoker, Cancer Support Group Choir, Alfred and Maybelle Welch, Gail & Garfield Long.  Also, the Long House Funeral Home staff.  A special thanks to Sarah, Earl & Clint and Bruce Martin, Jr., and Perry Shell. 

There were so many friends and family by our side.  If we forgot anyone please forgive us.

God bless,

The family of Martha Ross